A Masterpiece of Liquid Perfection

Barley Boys Brewery

Barley Boys Brewery was founded on the premise that details and passion create the finest ales and beers imaginable. Formulas are created in a small pilot batch with the best ingredients we can find.

Our originality and commitment to quality are second to none and consistency in our production ensures that our craft is bound to form an appreciation for our creations.

We source our ingredients from the finest names in the USA to create our versions of imported beers and ales.

We have no limits to our creativity, which sets us apart from the competition. Drinkability is the result.
Ed's Red

Characteristic of an English style Pale Ale, Ed's Red is a very true representation of the style and is much fresher than the ales you can purchase as an import. Great detail in all aspects of the brewing process are evident in Ed's Red, including the water chemistry of Burton-On-Trent.

Crisp, hoppy and the perfect balance of malt makes Ed a contender to be one of your favorite go-to craft ales. Ed also makes an excellent base for a Jack and Tan.

Jack's Black

Jack's Black is an English Style Robust Porter with a very large body and hop balance to make an extremely drinkable dark beer. The head of Jack's Black will adhere to your glass, giving you the mouthfeel of some of the finest English style Porters and rivals several Stouts.

Combine Ed and Jack, you will have a superlative Jack and Tan. Enjoy our attention to the finest of iingredients and our desire to provide the authentic English flavors in a domestic ale.
Phil's Pils

Phil's Pils is a German style Plisner crafted in the traditional style of middle Bavaria.

An exhilerating beer with noble hops, true Pilsner malt and traditional yeast makes Phil's Pils an extremely refreshing lager with no aftertaste.

A year round brew, we believe you will enjoy Phil for most any occasion.

Brewed to the Reinheitsgebot Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, Phil's quality is unsurpassed.

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