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Steve Nasr


Chairman of the Board

Chief Operations Officer

Steve was 15 when he was challenged by his science professor to do a paper and presentation on any subject he could think of. After serious consideration, Steve asked permission from his parents and professor to create a paper on fermentation science. He ordered a mail order kit from John Bull and decided to brew a batch of beer and record and report each aspect of the process. In doing so, Steve found a passion in which he excelled. 


While Steve pursued a corporate career, he aspired to become a professional brewer, motivating him to create Barley Boys Brewery. Home brewing in his garage was the inception of this vision. Encouraged by his home brewing peers, Steve took his gift as a brew master to the commercial market. His conception of Barley Boys Brewery flourished for 6 years.


The market diminished for craft brewing and profits decreased bringing the tough decision to exit the business. However, Steve never lost his passion. 


Steve performed all aspects of successfully operating a craft beer brewery. He managed the financials, production, delivery, and ensured the finest quality products.  Having executed all phases of the business, Steve is in the optimal position to lead all members of Barley Boys Crew to drive success as Chief Operations Officer and Chairman of the Board. 


Steve mentors his sons on the processes based on the formulas he created. They have consistently reproduced the beers that were available in 13 states in the Midwest from 1995-2001.  This combination sets Barley Boys apart – Steve will drive the company to excellence. 



Kristi White

Chief Executive Officer

As early-comers to the home-brewing field and eventually professionally brewing as a partner with Steve in Barley Boys Brewery, Kristi brings the passion, inspiration and drive for excellence gleaned from her career in the corporate world to the home and professional craft brewing business.  


Kristi earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communication and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership during the first years of the business. While pursuing her education, Kristi was also able to provide interest and support to the brewery. She brought the concept of “business-life balance” to the business by incorporating family values into Barley Boys Brewery. Being a part of the brewery sparked an entrepreneurial spirit in her, a spirit that has only grown stronger over the years. 


As the brewing culture changed and Barley Boys Brewery separated from the brewing industry, Kristi was left to only dream of their return to the industry and market. The ambition and energy that started in the early years of the Brewery never left. 


Kristi has again entered a partnership with Steve, and with intent to bring passion, professionalism and the “business-life balance” to the business, she knows the brewery will excel and reach new heights. Applying the concepts and lessons learned during the first years of Barley Boys Brewery, along with her extensive work experience and belief in the craft brewing industry, Kristi is well-positioned as the CEO of Barley Boys Brewery.



Curt White

Chief Financial Officer


As the Chief Financial Officer for Barley Boys Brewery, Curt is responsible for establishing strong financial management, compliance and financial performance reporting for the brewery. His main focus is to ensure that all expenditures are tracked to meet the brewery’s internal and investor expectations.  Curt is the Chief Financial Officer for his American Legion post – a post he belongs to as a result of his career the Air Force.  He is passionate about bringing this experience and knowledge into the brewing industry.   


Curt transitioned from the corporate environment to becoming an entrepreneur as a small business owner.  He gained valuable experience managing his business, including bidding, invoicing, billing, financial reporting and accounting. 


As Steve’s longtime friend and a member of Barley Boys family, Curt is enthusiastic about quality beers brewed locally and sharing the enjoyment of the results with family, friends and neighbors of the craft beer industry.  An expert in financial reporting as previously mentioned, Curt is ideal as the Chief Financial Officer for Barley Boys Brewery. 





Jason Nasr

Chief Brewing Officer

Growing up in a craft beer household, Jason has always had an affinity for great beers. There were many remarkable memories, but several stand out revolving around the grain mill, mash tun and brew kettle. He remembers assisting his father as Steve created the beers for Barley Boys and feeling awestruck at the pride he had while teaching Jason the ropes. This affection and inspiration for quality only grew stronger throughout Jason’s life.   


While away at culinary school in Denver, CO, Jason reinforced his knowledge of quality, bringing it to the food industry. Jason developed abilities in managing and pairing flavors, getting each and every item he made to taste like he envisioned it. Jason really felt a connection with savory flavors, then matching those flavors with wine, beer, and spirits, to accomplish a full connection with all components of a meal. He designed memorable experiences in the Art Institute of Colorado’s “Assignments” restaurant, as opposed to just a quick lunch or dinner.  Many fellow students could feel the connection and were most importantly inspired to recreate the experiences Jason directly traces back to his roots:  brewing quality craft beer with his dad.   


Jason’s life has taken some interesting turns, but the key factors to his success are a keen attention to detail and never losing focus on quality. As Chief Brewing Officer of Barley Boys, Jason knows the brewery will go above and beyond, bringing back to market these awesome beers. Jason knows Barley Boys Brewery will exceed all expectations. 



Amy Weiss


From the time Amy was old enough to hold a job, her parents impressed upon her the importance of a strong work ethic. Babysitting from the age of 12, Amy then moved to a “real job” at 14 earning enough money to pay for half of her first high school trip to Washington D.C. From that point on, Amy balanced school and work until graduation.   


After graduation, Amy chose to follow in her parents’ footsteps into the corporate environment. This setting was fulfilling for a time. Through self-reflection while thinking about her future, Amy realized she was truly inspired by caring for others. Therefore she achieved her Bachelor’s degree in nursing and subsequently started her career in the medical field. 


As an active member of the Brew Crew alongside her brothers, weekends are now consumed with time spent home and pilot brewing for the Barley Boys Brewery. Enjoying family and building something bigger than anyone of them could do alone-is a dream come to fruition. This dream is motivated by the memory of her parents’ passion for what they were doing – running Barley Boys Brewery. 


Amy is inherently drawn to care for people. This gift embraces the Barley Boys Brewery team as well as the community the brewery serves. Her compassion and ability to provide support for others enables her to forge the culture she brings to the brewery – a nurturing environment where all are treated with dignity and respect. 



Jon Nasr

Chief Sales Officer


Jon remembers being surrounded by the craft brew culture: from the brewing smells to the marketing materials.  Loving the aroma,  the sounds and the excitement of it all, he was eager to assist when he was old enough. 


Starting work in the restaurant business at 14 years old helped Jon build a strong work ethic. The experience he gained taught him the necessity of working efficiently. Jon’s work experience really started to gain traction when he began employment with a local car wash.  Over the course of 9 years, Jon’s previously acquired skills were mixed and refined. He has handled every position for the company from general labor to management of the detail department.  Jon's skills sharpened, including, but not limited to, proper chemical dilution techniques, PH balances, labor management, suggestive sales and thorough equipment maintenance. 


Jon finds working with the brewery that surrounded him with the previously mentioned aromas,  is truly an inspiration.  As Chief Sales Officer of Barley Boys Brewery,  and as a dedicated part of the Brew Crew, Jon will drive well beyond his past accomplishments creating the flagship brews of Ed, Jack and Phil, crafting new extraordinary beers and presenting them proudly to the market. 




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