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Steve was 15 when he was challenged by his science professor to do a paper and presentation on any subject he could think of.  After serious consideration, Steve asked permission from his parents and professor to create a paper on fermentation science. He ordered a mail order kit from John Bull and decided to brew a batch of beer and record and report each aspect of the process. In doing so, Steve found a new passion on which he excelled. 


The beer fermented in approximately 1 ½ weeks and was bottled and carbonated in the bottle. Lessons were learned by doing so and Steve continued to brew beer ever since this project. His skills grew and he became a member of the OmaHops brewing club. Eventually he was voted in as president of the club because his beers were consistent and well liked. 


Because his fellow brew club members encouraged him to go professional, he applied his passion to be the entrepreneur he always knew he was. This drove him to become a professional brewer, motivating him to create Barley Boys Brewery, a brand flourishing for over 6 years.  The market changed and profits decreased bringing the tough decision to exit the business. However, Steve never lost his passion. 


Barley Boys utilized breweries that would produce their beer formulas, called contract breweries, and volume was consistent throughout the remainder of their 6 year history.

The vision of the company was to build its own brewery to reduce labor and production costs in order to grow profitably. All craft beer producers were experiencing pricing pressures from the Macro breweries who were experiencing loss of market and created a hostile, price war environment.

Utilizing the talents of Bozell Worldwide, they realized increasing market share. Sales grew by meeting with distributors and self-promotion. One single factor remained as the reason Barley Boys Brewery was forced to close: had we produced our own products under our control, this brewery would still be operational to this day.



Our Products

Barley Boys Brewery’s first brew was an English Style Pale Ale named Ed’s Red. Our second formula was a Robust Porter, Jack’s Black, which rivaled some of the finest dark ales of the UK. Recognizing the demographics of the Midwest, their third creation was a German style Pilsner, Phil’s Pils, based on the traditions of the Czech Republic and Central Germany.


Ed’s Red won many state competitions in tasting, Jack’s Black received Honorable Mention at the 1998 International Beer Festival, and Phil’s Pils was embraced by the European Midwestern craft beer aficionados.

Scottsdale and Omaha are the homes of this brewery, and we believe that producing our own products will be paramount to success. Contract brewing comes at a premium price, as the brewery producing the products have markups on labor, ingredient and packaging costs.

The Company wishes to continue its earlier successes on the aforementioned styles by brewing additional styles that will be available year round.

Seasonal offerings will be formulated to our demand for traditional holidays recognized worldwide. Barley Boys Brewery envisions an extremely profitable and successful future based upon previous lessons learned.

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